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About us.

We sell a safety solution; not just a product.

Our company started out as an OEM manufacturer for numerous clients in North America and Canada for a broad range of safety related products.

After years of manufacturing of safety related products, Height Protection Solutions Pte Ltd, our new business unit was conceived, with a focus on the distribution and installation of Height Protection Solutions from two established fall protection manufacturers - Guardian Fall Protection USA and Innotech Austria.

We are proud to work with Guardian Fall Protection - USA, which has over the last 18 years, specialized in the manufacturing of a comprehensive and complete line of fall protection equipment as well as INNOTECH Arbeitsschutz GmbH, a company founded in 2001 in Austria that have made great inroad in the global fall protection markets through its continual research, development and patents of lifeline systems which are EN compliance.

Height Protection Solutions’ close partnership with our principals permit us to distribute premier Pre-engineered Safety Soft Goods (PPE-harnesses, Lanyards, Cross Arm Strap) and Safety Gear (Single Anchor Points, Self Retractable Lanyard, Ladder Safety Products), Collective Safety Protection items (Debris Nettings, Guardrails) to Site Specific Customized Life line systems – Horizontal Lifeline, Vertical Lifeline, Temp and Pre-assembled Lifeline Kit to meet the safety and budget requirements of our clients from all sectors.

Meet the team

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    Sales Executive
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